Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pictures of Sites # 15

Mount Komkompol (2400masl) - Bokod - Benguet Province - North Luzon
My second trip to bokod about a month after the first one, this one May 08th. This  to complete the "traverse" we started from the end of it this time straight to Mt Komkompol. Again a memorable experience with the "mossy forest", such an awesome sight, so rich in biodiversity...just incredible.


Pictures of Sites # 14

Mount Pack (2290masl) & Mount Purgatory (2100masl) - Bokod - Benguet Province - North Luzon
Big serie of Pics of my first time beating the 2000masl last April 11th. A wonderful hiking experience in the Central Cordillera. Pine forest first most of the hiking time and suddently on a turn of the trail starts the "mossy forest" at arround 2100m altitude....a complete change of vegetation and temperatures. An awesome and unforgetable place in so many ways.....

Here's the link to the Phasmida species file :

Monday, February 18, 2013


A NEW species added to the Philippines Fauna last January 23rd, 2013 .
Accepted for publication > Neoclides heitzmanni s. n.
My first ever species carrying my name...sooo happy :)
More to come about that species as soon as PDF will be available.
Thank you sooo much Joachim (joachim bresseel/Belgium) for your work and your friendship. 


A Compilation of a few "things" that happened in 2012 and some "standbys" from previous years > below 6 posts.

Update : Change of name :
Former Necroscia nigrofasciata is now Necroscia salmanazar. 


This one was found last October 2012 in Valancia/Bukidnon/Mindanao island in company of our friends Francis Seow and Ian Abercrombie. May be a new species of the genus :)) It is feeding on a mix of 3 plants : Mango (Mangifera) + Guava + Schefflera. I still have this species currently in culture and it is doing fine, eggs have been laid already and are incubating :)


 Surprised i was to find many of those in many parts of the Island, especially the female that was UNKNOWN and is featured here for the first time :)) Have look at the species very closely many times and can't actually find any difference(s) with the Luzon mainland species Stenobrimus bolivari.......Same foodplant too > ferns.


 A common species from Polillo island, East coast of Luzon. Seems very alike the green species from the same genus I found on the main island of Luzon a couple of years ago. However according Oskar (Oskar Conle / Phasmatodea) it is a new species :))